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How to re-create a spa day at home

Having a spa day at home might be the last thing on your mind, but it is also a much-needed response to seek comfort and pamper yourself in a relaxing self-care routine. Devote a day (or even a couple of hours!) to rest and relax in the form of an at-home “spa day.” Taking time off to give yourself a massage session or simply just drawing a bath or lighting a candle certainly induces stress-relieving benefits —and that is definitely something we could all use.

Creating the ambience

First things first, find a comfortable place in your home that is relaxing & calm. Next up, search for a ready-made playlist for relaxing spa music to set your mood. Scent is also a key element to a spa environment, it can help trigger memories of relaxation, so grab a candle or your diffuser and start creating the atmosphere!

Check out the range of Hush Candles and their Essential Oils.


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Indulge In Good Body Scrub & Pamper Your Skin With All-Natural Oils

After your massage, it is also a good time to indulge in a body scrub and pamper your skin will all-natural oils to repair your skin and replenish your skin’s moisture. Daily moisturising is vital for our skin but in the midst of our busy schedules, we tend to forget and neglect our skin. One of the best times to moisturize is after a shower. When thinking about the best way to keep your skin's thirst quenched, we often turn to body lotions; however, these creams tend to rub off quickly and leave your skin dry again quickly.

A good alternative is to use body oils as they offer the perfect way to keep your skin moisturized while relaxing your mind and improving your body's overall health and emotional well-being. For all-natural skin oils, try Saboni’s Jojoba Oil or the Moroccan Argan Oil to keep your skin soft and supple.


Jojoba Oil (100% Pure & Organic)

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Engage a professional massage therapist to your home



Take your spa day up a notch and engage a professional massage therapist to your home. Eliminate the need to travel down, dress up or even worry about rushing to meet an appointment time after a long day at work. Have a full massage service designed to give you all the luxurious sensations of a complete pampering session, without the hassle!

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End the session with a cup of tea to relax and get ready for bed


After a relaxing massage and home-spa session, it is time to unwind and get ready for bed.

Drinking a warm cup of tea before bedtime helps you to stay relaxed and sleep better. Not only does it help you to sleep well, caffeine-free tea also helps to improve your overall immune system, cardiovascular health and also better oral hygiene.

The Tea Story offers a range of teas with various flavours


Wellness Blends Tea Box

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#ReCelebrate2020 -Make Up For All The Missed Date Nights This Year
With A Couple Massage In The Comfort Of Your Own Home  


The Perfect Date Night For Every Working Parent

For every working parent, 'date night' sounds like an almost impossible feat especially when you have to tend to your children after a long busy day at work, ensuring they finish their dinner, complete their school work and tucking them in bed

Working from home may have blurred the lines and you may feel like you are constantly working 24/7. When was the last time you went out with your partner alone without the kids?
If the answer is months ago, it is time to think about taking your 'date night' indoors instead and we have just the perfect plan for you.

Spend Quality Time Together & Reconnect After A Long and Busy Day

While both of you might be at physically present at home while you work-from home, you do not get to spend time together in the day because you’re both busy with work. The only time you get to reconnect is in the evening. Having a relaxing massage in each other's company is a great way to "detoxify" from the stress of a long day and reconnect with each other

Hassle-Free 'Date Night'

Quite often, a date night for couples with kids sounds almost impossible. After a long day at work and rushing home to tend to the kids and to even find a babysitter, planning where to go, what to do and how to get there can already be mentally exhausting for both parties and very often results in a mutual "Let's go out another time" With the couple massage, you eliminate all the hassle and just book your sessions in a couple of clicks!

You don’t have to feel guilty about leaving your children at home

Engaging a home massage service means you won't have to step out of your home and can keep a watch on your children and you won’t have to worry about your kids needing you while you're away. Spend the next two hours enjoying and pampering yourself to a relaxing massage in a world of your own, while your kids are sleeping.

Right here on uNeed, we are here to help and make this date night even better

Things You Need To Know

1. What do I need to prepare prior to my session?
You may take a shower prior to the massage session as it is not advisable to shower within 2 hours after the massage.

2. How much space do you need for the set-up?
For a single session, we will need around a clear area of 1 x Super single bed size. For couple massages, we will need around a clear area of 1 x King size bed. Customers can choose to have the couple massage at separate spaces in the house (i.e One in the room, one in the living room) 

3. Can I use my own preferred body oils?
Yes, you may use your own preferred oil. Our staff will also bring along 4 different types of oil for customer to choose from. 

4. Will I still be able to engage the service if I have any skin allergy?
Yes, customers can also opt for massages without the use of oils. Alternatively, customers can opt for the grape seed oil for the massage as this oil works well on customers with skin allergy.