uNeed something for your pets? From grooming, boarding and even pet supplies, we take care of every of your pets needs.
Skin/ Coat During walks, pets can pick up all sorts of pollutants from fleas and ticks to dust and even flower pollens. Often, these get carried home and can potentially cause allergic reactions to your pets, resulting in itching and bad skin conditions. If left untreated, these skin conditions could be severe. Therefore it is essential to bathe and brush your pets on a regular basis. Ears Pets ears are the most susceptible to infections as it is a warm, inviting environment for fungus, bacteria and even mites. Cleaning your pets ears on a weekly basis with either a cotton ball or tissue can help prevent any serious infections. Teeth As with humans, oral hygiene for pets play a pivotal role in their overall health. Regular brushing and yearly dental scaling can help to eliminate the chances of spending hundreds of dollars on dental procedures for your pet Nails It is important to trim your pet’s nails regularly as overgrown nails can affect their ability to walk and often result in painful experiences. Long nails make them prone to catching on things such as fabric which might lead to the nails breaking off and bleeding
A well-cared-for pet is a happy pet!   Whether you intend to give your pet a fresh new look or even just a simple haircut, our groomers are able to cater to your every request! With grooming packages starting from ???????? $????, keep your pets fresh, free of tangles and maintain a healthier skin condition. Basic Grooming -$65 Nail clipping, Ear cleaning, Brushing and combing, Clipping of paw pads, Clipping of sanitary area, Expressing of anal gland   Full Grooming - $80 Trimming & styling, Nail clipping, Ear cleaning, Brushing and combing, Clipping of paw pads, Clipping of sanitary area, Expressing of anal gland
Looking for a day care for your pets? Going to be away from home for a couple of days and need someone to look after your pets? uNeed Us! From just $60 per day, give your pet a mini vacation. Battlestar Boarding provides love and care to your pets and these includes: the best products, customised services and finest facilities for every furry friend, giving you peace of mind to entrust your companions into our loving hands Room Stay Per Day, Single Occupant Boarding Service Includes: - 2x Daily Walks - 2x Daily Meals - Free Roaming In The Day - Fully Equipped With: + Bedding And Sanitary + Accident Insurance Coverage + WhatsApp Updates + CCTV Monitoring From just $60 per day
Wholesome Meals For Your Pets Treat your pets to a bowl of wholesome goodness with our Premium Raw Frozen Pet Food These premium, species-appropriate raw diets for your beloved pet cats and dogs makes meal prep simpler and fuss-free. Choose from 9 different flavours from Beef & Chicken to Duck & Lamb and even Kangaroo. No Added Hormones, Antibiotics, Preservatives, Fillers Or Additives 100% Bioavailable and Carnivorous Ideal For: Dogs Switching To A Raw Diet Senior Dogs With No Teeth Dogs Who Try To Swallow Things Whole   Benefits of Raw Meals Minimally processed and highly digestible  High in moisture Regulates body weight and promotes muscle tone 
Try out our all-natural dehydrated treats ideal for both cats and dogs of all sizes! No Added Hormones, Antibiotics, Preservatives, Fillers Or Additives From only $12.80
Keep your pets smelling fresh with eco-friendly, vegan, organic soap bars! Do away with the bottles and clutter. Go Green with Chubbs Bars!  The Chubbs Bar shampoo for cats, dogs, and other pets in an unscented formula. It is great for cleaning, whitening, brightening, degreasing and more! Choose from 17 different flavours!
Style your dogs in these quirky Bandanas! 100% cotton tie-up and slip-through collar bandanas from only $15 Wrap Some Love Around Your Bundle Of Joy In A Reversible Zig Zag Hearts Bandana Stand Out From The Crowd In A Loyal.D Forest Green Batik Get Into The Tropical Vibe, With Our Blue Palm Bandana
Check out our range of collars, ideal for everyday use at play or not! Collars Are Made From 100% Cotton Canvas On Top Of Nylon Underlay; With Easy Release Plastic Clip Buckle And Zinc Alloy D-Ring. From only $15 Love stripes? The Yin & Yang Wide Collar is a sleek printed piece for your furry friend. Available in Foxy Red as well. Fancy A Pop Of Colourful Fashion On Your Dog? The Get Spott.D collar is the perfect collar that gives your pet a pop of colour! Available in Pink too.
Fix.D Comfort Leash Worn-out leash? Try Loyal.D Fix.D Comfort Lead Is Made From Top Quality 100% Pure Nylon With A Fleece Padded Handle For A Soft Comfortable Grip, Making It An Ideal Companion Lead For Short Or Long Walks.   Comes in 4 different colours: Red, Hot Pink, Purple, Blue   $15 Multi-Purpose.D Lead (with Neoprene Padding) Designed With The Ability To Attach The Loyal.D - Bud.D Leash Bag, Loyal.D Thirst.D Bowl Or Waste Bag Holders. In Addition, The Length Of The Lead Can Be Adjusted By Clipping The Snap Hook To The Middle Ring To Shorten The Length. Your Dog Can Also Be Securely Fastened If You Have To Pop Into The Shop Or Go Pick Up That Poop. Made From Top Quality 100% Pure Nylon With Foam Neoprene Padding Giving A Comfortable Handle To Grip.   $25